Cultural Awareness Program

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Indigenous culture is a unique point of difference in the experiences offered by the Australian Tourist industry. The living cultures of Australia's Indigenous peoples span more than 40,000 years and give Australia its unique place in the international tourism market.

Australia's Indigenous peoples are proud of their unique heritage and ancient living cultures. They are also willing to share parts of their culture with visitors, and explain the meanings and significance they attribute to the Australian landscape.

You can also participate in boomerang-making workshop, learn to throw, and perhaps take a souvenir home with you.

Wundargoodie Aboriginal Safaris offer you the rare privilege to experience and learn about lore and culture directly from the custodians themselves.


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Lessons in traditional toolmaking
Campfire conversations

We offer cultural awareness packages to schools, universities and other interested groups.

Wundargoodie developed an ongoing partnership with Notre Dame University through our Cultural Awarness Program that is now in its 10th year. As well as having worked with many other primary schools and colleges.

The "hands on" program encourages participation by teaching students how to make and use boomerangs and other traditional implements, listening to Aboriginal elders from different tribal groups talking about their history and diversity in culture, as well as campfire conversations about topics that affect Aboriginal people.

Learn about our culture from us and our people. Wundargoodie provides all camping supplies, meals and transport.