Your journey unfolds with each new day

Kimberley Spiritual Experience

A life changing, journey through the heart of the Kimberley

Leave behind the stresses of the world and escape to a place where schedules and pressures melt away as you connect with the spirit and culture of this ancient land and its people.

Up here things are more relaxed, it's what we call being on 'Kimberley time'. There are no itineraries, your journey unfolds with each new day as you experience all the magic and majesty of the Kimberley in traditional ‘walkabout’ style.

This is a journey for people, who wish to explore themselves and raise their consciousness in the dramatic and awe-inspiring setting of the Kimberley and visit powerful places of spirtual significance, away from the normal tourist spots.

You will see age-old Aboriginal rock art, much of which predates the last ice age, including Wandjina and Gwee-arn (Bradshaw) art as well as many other styles from the last 40,000 years.

Colin and Maria Morgan and Wundargoodie Aboriginal Tours offer this unique and spiritual journey into the heart of the remote northern Kimberley.