Wandjina cave paintings
Gwee-arn (Bradshaw) cave paintings

Rock Art Safaris

Hear Dreamtime stories and learn about the spiritual significance of some of the World’s oldest rock art, much of which predates the last Ice Age.

Aboriginal carvings and paintings, bark paintings, wood carving and sand carvings are part of the culture. They represent stories from the Dreamtime that have been passed down through the generations by tribal Elders. The Paintings record Dreaming stories, rituals and ceremonies that link the people and the land.

The Kimberley contains some of the most famous and ancient Rock-art in the world, including the examples shown here. With Wundargoodie Aboriginal Safaris you can see many more with your own eyes, accompanied by explanations and related Dreamtime stories told by the Indigenous custodians.

See, and be amazed, by the Wandjina and Gwee-arn (Bradshaw) rock art. Visit activity sites and feel the presence of our ancestors as you walk through places they once lived and roamed.